Kat’s Story

“When life is not working out, start within.”

Kat Smith, TedX speaker, author, Resilient survivor, and inspiring motivator. Kat Specialises in Resiliency, Relationships, and Life Challenges. Kat is available for Speaking Engagements & Media Interviews.

My journey started after I decided to pursue a deep understanding of human behavior. While I did earn my doctorate and counseled couples and individuals, I’ve never been fond of labels. My listeners and clients enjoy my happy-go-lucky and “can do” attitude, approachable aura, encouraging smile, and love for seeing others succeed – personally, socially, and emotionally.

I firmly believe that negative emotions serve no purpose in life. That’s why you’ll notice I’m always so calm, which surprises a lot of people when finding out that I’m an abuse survivor. Here’s the thing. If someone calls you fat, you have two choices. One: To run away and cry. Two: To stand your ground and CHOOSE to be the bigger person.

I managed to singlehandedly peel myself out of the shadows of a life of abuse, rising from the ashes to turn my life around. Now, I’m paying it forward – helping others thrive through life remodel and restoration – (I mean a total gut job) with themselves and others. Life is all about living life on your terms, after all. I want to help you rebuild and renovate your career, relationships, and overall life.

You must CHOOSE to ignore the negativity brewing inside you. CHOOSE to pick up the pen and start writing your own future. As Doris Day once said, “Whatever will be, will be.” If something messes with your flow, show that something who’s boss, and take back the reins.

Going back to me being an abuse survivor, that’s what I believe makes me so passionate about what I do. I’ve survived countless challenges and obstacles that life has thrown my way, something my present-day success boils down to. Nelson Mandela once said, “Glory lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” (Love that man). If you trip and fall, and 1000 people start laughing, what will help the situation more? To stay on the ground and cry, or to get up and laugh along? I don’t take myself that seriously, and neither should you.

Anyway, allow me to tell you more about what I’ve done. My voice has taken me all over, from co-hosting a syndicated radio morning show with ABC Radio Networks, Inc. to being featured on various national, regional, and local television shows, radio broadcasts, and print media. Acting and modeling were fun too. In fact, I’ve even given a TEDx talk – a lifelong dream for countless visionaries worldwide. My achievements just keep propelling me forward and inspiring me to do more and be more not only for myself but for my followers and audiences too.


Born 1961, New Orleans - 8th child of 12 - 7 of them boys, but tallest of all siblings


1974 Moved to Texas - but Nola in my veins - die hard Saints fan


1976 began modeling career - My first print ad


Graduated high school


Moved to Dallas to continue my education and career


Co-hosted syndicated radio show on ABC Radio Networks and purchased my first home


Published first of many books - Played an Amazonian character in first movie


Doctorate classes and MC in NOLA


1st international speaking engagement in China and Robin Robert’s doppelgänger


Speaker and panelist at conference in Manhattan


Married my loving and caring life partner and travel buddy Tom


My first TedX talk


Resolved to living life on my terms


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