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Keynote Topics

Resilience  – Change  – Relationships 

The following topics can be tailored to the audience/theme.


FixHer Upper – Renovate, Refurbish, Renovate Your Life – Embracing Change and Turning Tragedy into Triumph

OVERVIEW –  In our fast-paced world, many of us are keenly aware that there is a need to improve or change our actions and beliefs, yet realize the habits are deeply embedded. This message will unlock your audiences’ power to embrace and take action towards personal growth by identifying and removing the barriers that stand in the way. As a Resilient Survivor, Kat is poignant, sincere, and transparent in sharing her truth and transformation from devastating life experiences into victories. She persisted and was inspired and self-motivated into creating a renewed perspective on life.


Evol YOU tion – Freeing Yourself With a Degree of Shift

OVERVIEW – Disruption is inevitable. Even extraordinary individuals who achieved incredible feats while battling adverse circumstances are not prepared to manage change. The clutter of expert and friendly advice has the capacity to get loud and cloud your vision. What you should do, say, buy, have, be is in the eye of society and everyone in it. Finding your way out of the overwhelming fog of trends is the focus of this presentation. Kat offers some insight to lead the audience through the stagnant times and lend support and encouragement. No judgment or limitations – Just YOU evolving into the person you already know you are.



Intimacy After Trauma – Moving Past the Pain into a Happy Healthy Life

OVERVIEW – In this presentation, you get a totally transparent view into the mind of the victim and understand the challenges we face when trying to heal from sexual assault, molestation, or other sex crimes. Kats offers a personal account of her survival and transformation from child molestation and date rape. She empowers her audience by living a life filled with happiness and healthy relationships and showing them how they can reclaim their lives and move from pain to joy. 



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Self Imposed Friendship Responsibility

Welcome to a New Series of posts I am branding as EVOLution. Evolving in love. I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of freedom. A weight had been lifted. I have shared before that we as humans have a tendency to talk ourselves into relationships and that includes friendships. Once there we self-impose responsibilities for those people. We take responsibility for maintaining the friend/relationship even if it is not a healthy one. We tell ourselves, “Oh that is just him/her.” We overlook behaviors like selfishness or neediness and allow them to treat us in ways that don’t quite settle right in our spirit. Well, I use the quote by Maya Angelou,  “When people show you who they are believe them.” Someone I had known for around…

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