Model/Actor, TedX Speaker, Author



Model/Actor, Author, TEDx Speaker

Speaking isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone.

For Kat Smith, it’s second nature. This transformational author and speaker evokes her “sixth sense” to deliver informative content that’s engaging, enthralling, and of course, a whole lot of fun. She’s always known that she is a voice for those who cannot communicate or articulate their experiences.

The Power of Listening.

Kat Smith started sharing her life empowerment knowledge via fun and impactful presentations in 2005. She is passionate about helping her listeners, men and women alike, achieve their emotional and overall life goals – no matter what those might be. Life can be overwhelming at times. Even the most resilient people need a little help to gain clarity or balance.

“Fun”-ctional Presentations and Talks.

Resilience,  Change,  Sexual Trauma Recovery, and Intimacy.

For as long as she can remember, Kat has been ‘allergic’ to anything stale or boring. That’s why she injects light but much-needed humor into her PowerPoint Presentations, turning simple and often hard-hitting topics into enlightening subject matter. She is a motivator and “doer,” inspiring her audience to take instant action and “just do it.”

Different Approach.

What truly sets Kat apart is her unique approach to challenging topics – such as Resilience, Recovery, and Harassment. She knows how to suggest real solutions to real problems in MeToo and TimesUp Era, speaking with respect while brewing an air of trust. Dr. Kat’s nurturing character and strong communication skills make her a hit with every kind of audience – making her “that go-to person” on a wide range of controversial topics.

Why book Kat?

Because she has the insight, skills, values, and desire to provide information, inspiration, and entertainment to your audience.

A Tall Order.

Kat Smith is well above the average height for a woman, towering at 6’2” – making audiences look up to her even more. She’s proud of her height and carries it well, inspiring men and women everywhere to own what their “mamas gave them,” no matter what that might be. We all have “that one thing” that sets us apart, and as Kat believes, ignoring it would be a travesty. In fact, she’s even written her own book entitled, “I’m Tall You’re Not.” This fascinating piece of non-fiction delves deep into the importance of embracing what makes you different, standing out from the crowd, and becoming a resilient warrior across every aspect of life.

No Judgment. No Limits.

Kat speaks to (and for) everyone – men, women, young, young at heart, and everyone in between. She believes that inspiration is transformative, no matter what – something that thrives in the eye of the beholder. She knows that everyone holds the power to create remarkable personal and professional lives through change, teamwork, resilience, and quality leadership. She merely has the key.

Human Behavior Expert.

Kat uses her post-graduate education to inspire others to reclaim their lives and embrace exciting possibilities. In fact, she has a saying – “When Life isn’t working out – start within.” Kat is passionate about sharing her truth to empower and heal those around her, by speaking to the hearts and minds of men and women. She’ll use her gentle sieve to show you how to revive your life from the inside out.

Event Planners and Meeting Professionals! Add Kat to your lineup.

Prefer to start with an existing topic or collaborate with Kat to create a dynamic, actionable keynote that resonates with your event or audience.

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