Model/Actor, TedX Speaker, Author



Kat began her career at 17 and, reinvented it at 62. What a ride!

If you’re surprised about Kat working as a model for decades (with a break in between), you are not alone. She is too!

Kat began her modeling career when she was 17 years of age in Beaumont, Texas. Originally from New Orleans, she found the small town too constricting so she moved to Dallas where she worked and studied Fashion Merchandising. Later she expanded to voice work, commercials, industrial /training films, and voiceovers which helped her land a co-hosing spot with ABC Radio Networks. After appearing in her first movie as an Amazon, she left there and pursued writing and has authored over 9 books.

in 2022, she met Photographer Pauline St. Denis who encouraged her to get back into the business. Now, with an upcoming movie, and several print, and video projects under her belt, her career is flourishing.

It all goes to show, it ain’t over until it’s over.








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