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Fix Her Upper – A Life Renovation

It’s Demo Day in your life. In this episode of #ResilientLivingTV, Kat inspires you to take on a fixer-upper of your life – Renovating your life after challenges. Taking out the old and outdated habits and beliefs and bringing in new and fresh ways of living, thinking, and being. Read below.


Much like our homes, our lives can use a simple refurbishing, a detailed renovation, or a full-on remodel. The task of tearing out old, outdated beliefs and behavior that no longer or never served you allows you to open up to fresh and ideas and habits. Adding a fresh coat of color rejuvenates living and increases lifetime value. It’s Demo Day!

One of the most common reasons people renovate their homes is a change in their lifestyle;

For our lives, we make changes for some of the same reason as well as:

We may not need a lot of work so there are levels to a life improvement just like in home improvement. Let me start by clarifying between a Refurbishment, Renovation, and Remodeling;

Refurbish: (Make-Over)

To brighten or freshen up. – painting, repairing and cleaning to make look new again. 

Refresh: A hair cut, a new wardrobe, or way of doing our make up that makes us feel better about how we present ourselves.

Renovate: (Lifestyle Change)

To restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; includes re-painting, re-facing cabinets, installing new fixtures or finishes. The original design isn’t altered drastically, but rather, it is updated to a new standard.

Invigorate: Lose a few pounds, get a make-over, and adopt a healthier diet. 

Remodel: (Life Overhaul)

To alter the structure or changing the use of space. Involves complex design considerations as well as construction, electric, and plumbing

Repair/Revive: Get back to your desired weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle, new wardrobe, attitude, and way of being.

So there are steps to undertaking a project:

1. Make a Plan

Assess what you’d like to renovate and set priorities

2. Be realistic 

Starting any good renovation requires a realistic idea about what you can and want to accomplish. 

3. Start Demolition

Once you ready, it’s demolition time. 

4. Get advice 

Self-determination is great when it is working with you but there may be times when you feel weak and defeated. Don’t give up.

Don’t look back and regret the before and after shot of your life. Take steps now to breathe new life and inspiration in your goals, dreams, and desires.



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