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Loving Through Racial Unrest

PODCAST LISTENING OPTIONS There are many challenges relationships face on a daily basis – lack of intimacy, poor communication, grief, financial crisis, and more. How we handle challenges creates resilience, understanding, and a deeper bond. ON top of what is happening in America, interracial couples have to step back and soul search for understanding and collaboration to maintain the love they have built together to stay strong. In these next few minutes, I will give you a few tips to help you navigate your emotions and mental state while enduring these changing times. Many of us hear a relenting dialogue that replays a loop of dread and despair in our minds. We have watched it all play out on television and we are in distress. Others have the ability...

10 Tips for a More Resilient You

Read below as Dr. Kat shares 10 Easily applied tips and ways of being for a More Resilient You. READ TRANSCRIPT BELOW LISTENING OPTIONS PODCAST LISTENING OPTIONS 10 Effective Ways to Develop a More Resilient YOU 1. Believe in YOU – Have a belief in your ideas, concepts, products, and services, but most of all, believe in what you have to offer others. 2. Stay Humble – Keep in mind not to overdo your self-promotion. People are turned off by pushy, obnoxious people. People love to buy things but hate the feeling of being SOLD TO. 3. Remain Grounded – As Your Business Grows Don’t allow your ego to get in the way of common business sense and effective self-promotion. 4. Talk to new people everywhere you go. Talk on...

Making an Impact

Dr. Kat speaks with a personal brand strategist, author, and speaker – The Marketing Lady herself Tarsha Polk. About her latest book Making an Impact. We get into how resilience plays a part in the effectiveness of your personal brand PODCAST LISTENING OPTIONS:

The Resilience of Unlabeling

We all have labels placed upon us and we accept some and reject others as we evolve in this thing called life. In this episode of #ResilientLivingTV, Dr. Kat Smith speaks with Dr. Cara Tucker who shares with us her theories surrounding labels in her book Unlabeled where she takes her readers into the depth of the psyche with elements of practical advice and checklists to the journal for further exploration. Join us for some insight into owning or letting go of labels. PODCAST LISTENING OPTIONS: >

Wisdom of Resilience

In life we have times when we feel stagnant and that opportunities are not coming our way and that what we desire is just out of reach. We just need a bit of encouragement and insight or WISDOM to help us course-correct and create the lives we desire. Here is some wisdom to help you get unstuck and move forward. Read below. READ TRANSCRIPT BELOW LISTENING OPTIONS PODCAST LISTENING OPTIONS: More than ever there have been times I’ve had discussions with friends and associates in both personal and casual settings about how we are feeling about the progressive movement of our lives. I think we all have those times when we feel stagnant and that things are not moving fast enough towards our goals or that opportunities are...


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Self Imposed Friendship Responsibility

Welcome to a New Series of posts I am branding as EVOLution. Evolving in love. I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of freedom. A weight had been lifted. I have shared before that we as humans have a tendency to talk ourselves into relationships and that includes friendships. Once there we self-impose responsibilities for those people. We take responsibility for maintaining the friend/relationship even if it is not a healthy one. We tell ourselves, “Oh that is just him/her.” We overlook behaviors like selfishness or neediness and allow them to treat us in ways that don’t quite settle right in our spirit. Well, I use the quote by Maya Angelou,  “When people show you who they are believe them.” Someone I had known for around…

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