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Wisdom of Resilience

In life we have times when we feel stagnant and that opportunities are not coming our way and that what we desire is just out of reach. We just need a bit of encouragement and insight or WISDOM to help us course-correct and create the lives we desire. Here is some wisdom to help you get unstuck and move forward. Read below. READ TRANSCRIPT BELOW LISTENING OPTIONS PODCAST LISTENING OPTIONS: More than ever there have been times I’ve had discussions with friends and associates in both personal and casual settings about how we are feeling about the progressive movement of our lives. I think we all have those times when we feel stagnant and that things are not moving fast enough towards our goals or that opportunities are...

Effects of Sexual Trauma

What are the lasting effects of sexual violence? In this episode of #ResilientLivingTV we will look at the three main effects and how lives are changed forever. READ TRANSCRIPT BELOW EFFECTS OF SEXUAL TRAUMA PODCAST LISTENING OPTIONS: When it comes to sexual violence, the bruises are on the inside -Sexual, Physical, emotional, or mental abuse can have a profound effect on your overall well-being. The trauma can even trigger clinical depression, a serious mental health disorder. EFFECTS OF SEXUAL TRAUMA Depression It’s normal for survivors to have feelings of sadness, unhappiness, and hopelessness. If these feelings persist for an extended period of time, it may be an indicator of depression. Depression is not a sign of weakness and it’s not something you should be expected to “snap out...

Identifying the Missing Links in Life

Kat Smith is an Acclaimed TedX Speaker, expert media guest and author with an inspiring message.

Bling Effect. Discover Your Radiance and Worth

Kat Smith compares women to the 4 C’s of a diamond; Cut, color, carat and clarity. Discover your radiance, your brilliance in your bling effect. Realize that you are highly valued as the diamond you are. Be empowered by your worth, radiance and carat. BLING EFFECT: When we are trying our best to live up to our potential, it can sometimes seem that society is attempting to mold us into rocks as opposed to the beautiful jewels we are. And as we all know Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. When you remove the carbon coating of the social, financial, physical, relational and other stresses of day to day life, we remain brilliant. And we are tough. We can cut through the hardest of challenges and solid ceilings...

Crisis Resources for Abuse and Assault Victims

Finding help when you feel there is no hope in escaping a life of abuse or any other crisis can be debilitating.  If you are in need of assistance, there are organizations that are available to help you. Many of these services are at no cost because you are too valuable. Get help now. Help someone in need and help eliminate abuse and assault. Crisis Resources This is a list of service providers that offer survivors and their loved ones the resources they need to reclaim their lives. I begin with my area (DFW) then list national organizations that may have an office near you. Please check your local area for similar services and be encouraged that there is help available. For IMMEDIATE EMERGENCIES, please DIAL 911 Dallas/Fort...


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Self Imposed Friendship Responsibility

Welcome to a New Series of posts I am branding as EVOLution. Evolving in love. I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of freedom. A weight had been lifted. I have shared before that we as humans have a tendency to talk ourselves into relationships and that includes friendships. Once there we self-impose responsibilities for those people. We take responsibility for maintaining the friend/relationship even if it is not a healthy one. We tell ourselves, “Oh that is just him/her.” We overlook behaviors like selfishness or neediness and allow them to treat us in ways that don’t quite settle right in our spirit. Well, I use the quote by Maya Angelou,  “When people show you who they are believe them.” Someone I had known for around…

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